Friday, September 27, 2019

English 2 10th Grade Stars Test Tutoring

Here I am posting a free one-hour tutoring video. This one covers the Texas Stars Exam for 10th grade  English. It is called English II, English 2, and Sophomore English.

It is a recorded live tutoring online so there are questions and my answers that may be similar or the same as what you would ask. I made it, and more to come, free to watch numerous times on my YouTube channel. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you want more free tutoring videos.

I have made a playlist for this English Course where all the tutoring sessions for that course will be listed. If you are struggling in English, you can find the full list of tutoring videos in that playlist. If the videos do not answer your questions, call me at 346-800-1912.

I may be reached by subscription I spend lots of time outside of tutoring and writing my books on my forum or here on my blog. My forum is for tutoring or other reasons to ask questions.

If you need an entire tutoring session, call me at 346-800-1912 and I will tutor you while recording it. If you subscribe to my YouTube Channel you will be notified when it is live and can watch it multiple times instead of paying more for tutoring on the same thing. Of course, if you still struggle, I will have another class, which we do long term contracts, based on what you clarify that you are still struggling with, until you are on track with your class.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Creamistry -Perfect Solution To Allergen Free Ice Cream

If you are one of the many who watch SharkTank, you may have heard of Creamistry. Investment is a risky thing. In this case, Creamistry was a startup business with no customers, "name", or brand, nothing. The investors on SharkTank became multimillionaires by starting as poor, everyday Americans, saving some money, then investing it in the right kind of businesses that they considered lower risk. Investing in business is one of the riskiest forms and easiest ways to lose tens of thousands of dollars at the cost of one "small" mistake. Well, ask risky as it was, we all have the investors on SharkTank to thank for the delicious, perfect, allergen free ice cream we can all enjoy.

I went there the first time curious to find out where this name originated. What is Creamistry supposed to mean? I think of chemistry or the creation from chemical combinations or separations. When I went into the one her in Katy, TX, near Houston, TX, I saw these chemistry looking machines. While walking to the back to check the menu, watching other people see how it works, I noticed the menu was written right to left. Step 1 is the farthest to the right, then step 2 next to it in the left direction, and so forth. I am thinking, "Okay. Are these people right in the head? Don't they know we read left to right?" By this point, I am hesitant if I should order anything. I started to read the menu.

First I notice, you pick what milk you want it to be made using. They had Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Lactose Free Dairy Milk, and maybe others I am not listing. Of course, they had "regular" dairy milk. By the register, as the line was moving quickly, I was quick to notice and grab an allergy menu. It lists the different toppings, milk, syrups, "bowls" and everything with what allergens it has.

As costly as it is since my allergy reactions are digestive, that is giving me gas and constipation, I can cheat time to time. I just suffer humiliation in public afterward. Like most women, especially at that time of the month, I cannot go without my chocolate or ice cream. Because of this, on my cheat days, I will go to Dairy Queen to get my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard. With my addiction to my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, the first thing I searched was 1) chocolate chips, then 2) cookie dough. I had already decided I wanted it made from Coconut Milk.

To my shocking, delicious, surprise, they are both egg free, and dairy free! What in the world! There is such thing as chocolate chips and cookie dough without dairy and egg that I do not have to make at home?!  The line was moving too quickly to check out the chocolate syrup, but I could almost bet you that it would be dairy free as well. Here it is, I order my perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream made free of all my allergens. Boy was I happy! I decided, before tasting it, before they even made it, that this is where I am having my birthday party. If I find the right man or at least one I think could be "Mr. Perfect," I decided Creamistry is going to be my date day dessert when he asks what do I want, or where do I want to go.

Finally, my dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and egg free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is in my hands. I could not even walk away from the counter where I picked it up before taking a bite. OMG! If I had not had better ice cream! It was too perfect. Made with coconut milk, it was sweet, sweeter than being made with dairy or almond milk. Yet, there was no sugar added. It was the healthiest ice cream, too. No sugar, chocolate, cookie dough, low sugar, what else makes the perfect ice cream?

Creamistry saved my life. I can now get delicious chocolate chip cookie dough ice any day without costing myself humiliation. You tell them everything. You give them what ingredients to put, toppings, milk to use to make it, syrups, everything! It is your perfect heaven on earth, at least for those of us with food allergies.

Go to Creamistry to find your closest perfect creator of perfect ice cream. You have to try it. If you do not like it, change toppings, but it is not Creamistry to blame if you do not like it. They are too perfect, and totally innocent of bad tasting ice cream.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Abuse By Clinic Staff Needs to Be Addressed

If you have not been following me on social media, reading my books, or receiving services of some sort from me, you probably are not aware that I am a high function autistic with 9 disabilities. I have to seen dozens of doctors all the time from my 9 disabilities, and, of course, the regular stuff everyone needs to see a doctor about, at least occasionally,

I have tried a long list, too long to count, of doctors for each kind of doctor I need. I have ones like UT Physicians in the greater Houston, Texas area that are thought to be so great and supposedly why they are so large of a clinic. I have tried different doctors at different locations. I did the same with Kelsey-Seybold trying different locations over the years. I was here when Kelsey-Seybold was a whole in the wall. No one I knew liked them back then so it is a wonder how they got so big.

Even in these largest, thought to be best, clinics, I have faced patient abuse by the clinic staff. I have been told by office managers, like the one of UT Physician Cinco Ranch, that conversations I had on other calls that took place at another building where the manager would not hear it, tell me things said were not said. I have asked how they knew, and each time it is that they know their staff. I have been told in other ways, and cases that things I saw, like a representative at Medical Colleages of Texas in Katy, that the representative did not have pink hair on the same day I saw it. That manager said "I do not know what you think you are seeing, but no one on my staff have pink hair." I told him go to the front and look for himself. He said "I don't have to. I know my staff would never have pink hair."

Ranging from being told things I heard were not said by people who were not even there to know, to people saying I did not see what I saw who were there to see it for themselves, I have had years' loads of patient abuse. It is verbal abuse, by office staff, not the actual doctor.

I reported this to the Texas Medical Board who said they can only take action when it is the doctor. I told the Texas Health and Human Services, who said they can only help with it is a state or other government funded facility. I contacted The Justice System via the website, and the F.B.I. that all say they cannot do anything about it. Finally, one state representative tells me there is no law protecting patients from patient abuse by office staff or others in the clinic of private healthcare services.

I found out from another person in the government, that there is not an agency in the United States that protects patients from verbal or other abuse by office staff of private healthcare services. 
Looking on the internet, I continued to question why large clinics have so many 1 star or 2 star reviews happen to be the largest ones. Well, here is your answer. They cannot be punished. We are not protected against the office staff abusing us, in my case, verbally. 

If you do not see how being accused of people not saying what they did or something I saw being different than I saw it, the abuse is against mentally ill. Hallucinations is the seeing or hearing of things that are not there. I do not have it, but do have mental health conditions. With the staff knowing it, as they need for billing, they know it is a form of abuse and taking advantage of the mentally ill.

Help me. Send emails, letters or other ways of contact to let your politician know we are not protected and need protection not just from the doctor but the staff under him/her as well. Not being done by the doctor does not mean it is not abuse. In my case, political party does not matter. Which ever you are, you still deserve safe, professional and respectful treatment from all people in the clinic, not just the doctor. All PARTIES OF ALL AMERICANS NEED TO SPEAK UP AND EQUALLY DESERVE SAFE HEALTHCARE FROM ALL STAFF OF ALL HEALTHCARE FACILITIES/CLINICS/REHAB, ALL KINDS. 


Friday, March 8, 2019

Autistic? Get More Information. Follow Our Program

I have been tutoring and a professional writer of books for over 18 years. I have run across an impressing number of people who could not tell I was autistic. I am considered high functioning but still struggle with some of the basic life skills that all autistics do. However, it is not apparent.

In my 18 years as a tutor, I have taught teachers how to teach autistics and I have tutored them after school. There is a lot of knowledge needed, beyond just the basic communication we use with each other as an everyday form of "good communication."

Autistic individuals, unless they have been through years of therapy, cannot read emotions, tones of voice, gestures, facial expressions, the implied and many other "messages" in which we send that together create the overall. With it, autistic individuals take everything literally. They tend to think jokes are others laughing at them and teasing them as a result of this. They also tend to be more violent out of the frustration of not able to communicate with the world around them. The inability to communicate affects both sides. The other person will not until they read and follow directions in my book, the message the autistic individual intends and believes they communicated. At the same time, the autistic will not understand the person with whom they are trying to communicate. This causes frustration that they cannot communicate to you, on top of not being able to communicate the fact they are frustrated, which leads to violence.

It is not uncommon for autistic individuals to be diagnosed with mental illnesses, on top and/or before being found to be autistic. This has to do with the frustration and what is associated, such as yelling and violent behavior. There is a lot to know to be able to understand autistic individuals, as well as identify if that may be, or confirm, that is what the case is. In my book Dealing with Autism, I give you a list of symptoms of autism to help determine, though not replace a professional, if this may be the case with there person in your life.

Based on the assumption that it is the case, I give a long list of steps to go about to both you be able to communicate better in a way they understand and to teach them to communicate in the way the every day people do. I wrote the steps in great details and based them on the American culture at the time. If may be useful in other cultures, which if you are within, then I advise you to alter it in certain ways, minimal, to be fit to your culture's way of going about the same mission. However, some cultures do not believe in some steps I gave, which if you decide to skip, the mission of improving the communication skills of the autistic person is less likely to happen, or not improve to the degree which most do. In Dealing with Autism, I also have "Part 2" that is for the autistic person to read that educates them on the way the world around perceives them, common implied messages' meanings, and other areas that are in the ways they will be able to understand.

Get your copy of Dealing with Autism today, and follow all directions, as well as having the autistic person read Part 2, to begin improving your relationship and their ability to communicate, and function in the world around them. It is vital you get your copy, and a copy for all members of the support team as the steps are towards a mission that requires the whole family, friends and other support system members to be involved in order to be successful. Get a copy for the whole family and all friends to begin success, and not just the reading of a book, and start working together going at the same pace as each other over a long period of time to begin improvements. I could almost guarantee you that your relationship with the person with autism, and their relationships with others in and out of the support system over a number of years using the program I have designed. The longer the support system works together, and does what I advise, the more improvements you will see, and the better they will be qualified to be able to work a job that involves people.

Most do not understand that autism's main handicap is communication and that it is far more disabling than the lack of basic life skills. Mom can help cook, and with a shower, but she cannot be at school, work or other places where he or she deals with people all the time, even in nonsocial situations that are just a part of life, like at the bank, or school. Even if a family has to cook for and help with showers for the rest of their life, then unless the person wants to be a cook, this would not stop them from being as likely to land and hold a job. Get a copy for each person in the whole family/friends support group now and begin helping them learn to communicate. Unless they are dead, it is not too late.  It is as simply ask clicking here and entering the number of members of the support group that will help, then press buy.

To help with your mission, and be able to ask questions, each member of the support system needs to join as a member and send us the questions each has through the entire process. Questions will come, you may not know what to do, as each person is different so there is no "one size fits all" program that will work perfectly for everyone. When you see those times you think what I advise does not work, or something I do not mention how to handle arises, send us your questions and allow us to provide further assistance in the mission. You will be able to see others' questions and answers, as well as communicate with other support systems of people who are doing the same sharing a mission with you where you can get advice from them, as well as share your experience. Open our forum in a new link by right-clicking here.

If your loved one with autism can use assistance in their academics or other skill development, visit our site at Books and More to discuss tutoring services which can be accommodated, including made available online to help them avoid a social situation in public until their communication skills are ready for it. We may be reached at 346-800-1912 by text or call.

You can also reach us at It is our passion to teach as we do it in many ways. You can sign up for our newsletter to also receive notifications of webinars, or other seminars we hold to make people more aware of autism and ways to deal with it.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any way.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Learn How to Start a Successful Business. It's Not As Hard as You Think

When considering opening a business, there are many "fairy tales" behind life as an entrepreneurs you need to be aware. I have seen many go into business losing homes, thinking they would have more family time when instead there ended up divorce, and much more. What those who have never owned business have to say, almost always is the opposite of the truth. I have owned Ace My Course tutoring service for many years now, and know first hand which and how many really are made up idealistic world tales.

If you have determined it is right for you to open a business, there are lots more legal hurdles than most are aware. Everything from the type of business, equipment required, amenities, type of facility or if even should have a facility can all be small things to you, but end up putting you behind bars.

Another common mistake are finances. Lots of people "pretty up" the financial projections knowing that it, other than your credentials and credit, weighs the heaviest in getting approved for a startup loan. However, the very belief that you have to or should get a loan to start a company is bogus. Most businesses that end up successful were started using cash from the pock of the owner rather it was out of the 401K, savings account, CD, or the owner worked for another company while starting it up funding out of pocket.

It is known that x>90% of businesses that startup fails in the first year. The owners have destroyed credit with lots of debt from the business which more often than not, goes back to the financials being made to appear better than the reality of the first year in business for that industry.

There are common mistakes on research or even the importance of researching because "oh I already know everything there is to know about . . . " Just because someone has worked in an industry does not come even close to knowing it from the entrepreneurial perspective which is the view you need to see in order to open the right business, right time, at the right place.

In order to assist with these common errors, reasons for failure, problems, obstacles and other hurdles in opening a successful business, I have made a course that takes you through the full process from determining if it is right, to the finalizing to present to the banker, if a loan is deemed right. I also provide live in-person in Houston Area, and Katy, TX Business Consulting and tutoring on starting a company. Watch my course, and contact me with any questions you may have. I promise you the $29.99 a course will save you hundreds compared to the average business consultant charging $250 an hour. If you do not believe me, try one hour with a business consultant or just simply ask their rate and come back to watch my course when you realize I am right. 

Multiple Step Videos To Walk You Through The Process

I have designed this specifically to those who are short on cash, want to open a business and do not want to pay hundreds of dollars to make sure it will be a successful company. Of course, I am talking about all business owner dreamers as none of us plan to fail. I have made this course for all future entrepreneurs realistically speaking so even if you feel certain of it, you can make sure you are doing things right, looking at all points, and going the legal way in which to know it will be a success. I could even make a 3-5 hour course on why most businesses fail. There is a long list of reasons and it is surprising to many how lots go back to being too stubborn to change with the evolving, ever-changing market in which we all serve. That said, so you will be successful, watch my course, and contact me with any questions Please be kind enough to subscribe on my YouTube where you will find previews of new courses, tutorials, specials and all other exciting stuff we got happening at Ace My Course in Katy, TX.

Jennifer Whitaker
Katy, TX 77450

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Struggling with Homework? What is Your Question? We Teach.

Thank you for reading our blog. I hope you have been finding it useful. We, Ace My Course tutoring have made a new thing as "forum style tutoring." In this, you can subscribe and send us your questions in a forum post, then we can reply/comment with answers/explanations.. If it is something our tutors cannot answer, other students/customers will be able to answer as well.

We will have lots more than just academic topics. We will be providing business advice, helping with accounting related questions, giving marketing tips, test-taking tips and many other topics in which many tend to struggle. This is a place to go when you do not really need tutoring because you have one or two questions so there is no need for an hour or more.

If this is your scenario, our forum is the perfect place. In our many years of tutoring and doing business with other organizations, we have found many that were in these situations which seemed like a "catch 22" when a teacher could not answer. 

Our goal is to make tutoring affordable to as many Americans of all kinds and incomes. We strive to give everyone an equal shot at success. We have online classes, courses we made, books and many other "school supplies" that can be alternatives to a more lengthy lesson when in-person is impossible or not affordable. 

Our group online classes are design for those who are on tighter budgets and need more regular help that is more than a question or two. However, if our live tutoring is still too much, send us your request for what type of course to make, and we will gladly send it to you. 

Subscribe to our blog to get notifications of our new and latest updates, and educational posts. Subscribe to our YouTube to see videos on the latest books, courses, subjects, and program we make. Our YouTube is only one other way to tell us what you think, if we are not catering, then what you need or want. 

Visit our Forum at or go to our website to learn about group tutoring, find courses, or get a hold of us at 346-800-1912 and/or

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