Friday, September 27, 2019

English 2 10th Grade Stars Test Tutoring

Here I am posting a free one-hour tutoring video. This one covers the Texas Stars Exam for 10th grade  English. It is called English II, English 2, and Sophomore English.

It is a recorded live tutoring online so there are questions and my answers that may be similar or the same as what you would ask. I made it, and more to come, free to watch numerous times on my YouTube channel. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you want more free tutoring videos.

I have made a playlist for this English Course where all the tutoring sessions for that course will be listed. If you are struggling in English, you can find the full list of tutoring videos in that playlist. If the videos do not answer your questions, call me at 346-800-1912.

I may be reached by subscription I spend lots of time outside of tutoring and writing my books on my forum or here on my blog. My forum is for tutoring or other reasons to ask questions.

If you need an entire tutoring session, call me at 346-800-1912 and I will tutor you while recording it. If you subscribe to my YouTube Channel you will be notified when it is live and can watch it multiple times instead of paying more for tutoring on the same thing. Of course, if you still struggle, I will have another class, which we do long term contracts, based on what you clarify that you are still struggling with, until you are on track with your class.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Creamistry -Perfect Solution To Allergen Free Ice Cream

If you are one of the many who watch SharkTank, you may have heard of Creamistry. Investment is a risky thing. In this case, Creamistry was a startup business with no customers, "name", or brand, nothing. The investors on SharkTank became multimillionaires by starting as poor, everyday Americans, saving some money, then investing it in the right kind of businesses that they considered lower risk. Investing in business is one of the riskiest forms and easiest ways to lose tens of thousands of dollars at the cost of one "small" mistake. Well, ask risky as it was, we all have the investors on SharkTank to thank for the delicious, perfect, allergen free ice cream we can all enjoy.

I went there the first time curious to find out where this name originated. What is Creamistry supposed to mean? I think of chemistry or the creation from chemical combinations or separations. When I went into the one her in Katy, TX, near Houston, TX, I saw these chemistry looking machines. While walking to the back to check the menu, watching other people see how it works, I noticed the menu was written right to left. Step 1 is the farthest to the right, then step 2 next to it in the left direction, and so forth. I am thinking, "Okay. Are these people right in the head? Don't they know we read left to right?" By this point, I am hesitant if I should order anything. I started to read the menu.

First I notice, you pick what milk you want it to be made using. They had Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Lactose Free Dairy Milk, and maybe others I am not listing. Of course, they had "regular" dairy milk. By the register, as the line was moving quickly, I was quick to notice and grab an allergy menu. It lists the different toppings, milk, syrups, "bowls" and everything with what allergens it has.

As costly as it is since my allergy reactions are digestive, that is giving me gas and constipation, I can cheat time to time. I just suffer humiliation in public afterward. Like most women, especially at that time of the month, I cannot go without my chocolate or ice cream. Because of this, on my cheat days, I will go to Dairy Queen to get my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard. With my addiction to my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, the first thing I searched was 1) chocolate chips, then 2) cookie dough. I had already decided I wanted it made from Coconut Milk.

To my shocking, delicious, surprise, they are both egg free, and dairy free! What in the world! There is such thing as chocolate chips and cookie dough without dairy and egg that I do not have to make at home?!  The line was moving too quickly to check out the chocolate syrup, but I could almost bet you that it would be dairy free as well. Here it is, I order my perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream made free of all my allergens. Boy was I happy! I decided, before tasting it, before they even made it, that this is where I am having my birthday party. If I find the right man or at least one I think could be "Mr. Perfect," I decided Creamistry is going to be my date day dessert when he asks what do I want, or where do I want to go.

Finally, my dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and egg free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is in my hands. I could not even walk away from the counter where I picked it up before taking a bite. OMG! If I had not had better ice cream! It was too perfect. Made with coconut milk, it was sweet, sweeter than being made with dairy or almond milk. Yet, there was no sugar added. It was the healthiest ice cream, too. No sugar, chocolate, cookie dough, low sugar, what else makes the perfect ice cream?

Creamistry saved my life. I can now get delicious chocolate chip cookie dough ice any day without costing myself humiliation. You tell them everything. You give them what ingredients to put, toppings, milk to use to make it, syrups, everything! It is your perfect heaven on earth, at least for those of us with food allergies.

Go to Creamistry to find your closest perfect creator of perfect ice cream. You have to try it. If you do not like it, change toppings, but it is not Creamistry to blame if you do not like it. They are too perfect, and totally innocent of bad tasting ice cream.