Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Considering Disability? Where Do You Really Want to Be in Life? We May Have The Way to Help You Get There.

As a working professional with Autism, Epilepsy, Social Anxiety  Disorder, and Bipolar, too many to count have asked me, "Why don't you file for disability?" Don't let this question stop you on your tracks, from dreaming, making a plan to bring it to life, or even considering a future in the workforce. Beside some conditions that I know, most do not disable people from working some sort of job. More are able to work professional high pay jobs with the most common disabilities. A prime example would be Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). It is a condition considered disability from working a job by the Social Security Administration, but do they really know what it is?

If you have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. or know someone who does, you are very well aware that its "impairment" is mainly being easily distracted. It will be harder to focus on work but does not mean you cannot go to college, graduate high school, go to graduate school and eventually be a high dollar earning professional in a field of choice. What it does mean, is that you will have to learn coping skills to deal with the easy distraction. Some find ways on their own, and others seek therapy to learn, but most eventually find a way to overcome the obstacle. It will never be gone but it does not have to limit your success any more than you let it.

Even individuals with cognitive conditions can still work to some degree. If you are sensitive to stress, you may only be able to handle the stress level of entry-level professional work, or some may only be able to handle the minimal level of stress that is a part of minimum wage work. Take this back to the original question though, Does this mean you cannot work?

Personally, with my four disabilities, I am only able to work part-time, but I make excellent hourly compensation doing it totally an annual income I could never make in minimum wage work, even full time. I definitely make lots more than I would on disability income. Most likely the same is true for you unless you have one or more among the few that actually disable people 100% from work.

Another example is back problems. People can actually go on disability for having a broken back. If you are in a wheelchair or on a cane, it especially does not mean you cannot work a desk job, though it is highly likely you would not be able to, or at least struggle, will a stand-up job.

Do not let the laws of the government's definition defy you. You should drive to defy the laws of disability with the ability in yourself. Life will only stop you to the degree you permit it. You believe and self-talk you cannot do something, you may not be able to do it but tell yourself you can without letting anyone or anything stop you, and you will achieve.

No matter how hard school is, and what stage you are in life, it is never too late to learn to make changes needed to go for your goals. If you are struggling in school or want to go back to school but had a hard time before, call Ace My Course tutoring to help you along the way. We are award-winning, recognize in the Top of the Great State of Texas tutoring services with an owner who will only inspire you to shoot for the stars. Let us drive you to success!

The journey starts when you start tutoring with us.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Secrets Revealed. Generate Leads and Make More Money

I have been asked many times how I get so many leads for the services I provide. Here, I am going to give you my secrets that even the companies themselves probably do not know. I encourage you to try them if you provide a professional service of some sort. I have a different article for those looking for product leads.

Rather you perform accounting, digital marketing, telemarketing or almost any other professional service, then as long as you have a strong resume or reputation, you can generate lots of leads from the marketplaces below where business goes seeking professional work. The key is that you have to be willing to give low, competitive flat rates or hourly rates. You are competing against others like yourself that are either independent contractors or more legally small tax registered businesses. Most of the marketplaces are international, so you will be competing with providers in places like India where $30,000 here is maybe $500 a month, or $6,000 a year. It may even be closer to paying an American $50,000-$60,000 which is both what you are competing with and the reason so many jobs are being sent overseas.

In other "first world" countries, like many in Europe, their currency amount is closer in ratio to ours so there will not be much competition when it comes to pay. They do have a monthly cost or a cost of leads you send quotes so it is not a scam but not free to get the leads. They also take part of the pay and require you are paid through the marketplace only, or your account will be permanently terminated. These are all factors to consider as they can be easy to win business for some, and others seem almost impossible. Some industries have different laws in the United States than in other countries so it is more likely you would only be competing with other Americans. If out of country service providers bid, or send quotes, the client would have to be missing something or lack understanding to hire the people overseas as the work would more likely than not be done illegally.

Some of these include Accounting, Finance, Investing, Stock/Investment Management, Business Law, Business Management, just to name a few but there are many others. Some fields of work are not smart to hire from overseas due to the high likelihood of the provider being unqualified so you would have less competition to winning the client as long as they judge by skill level too.  These include writing, making websites or anything that uses money symbols, teaching, others that use communication as accents in lower labor cost countries tend to be very strong and hard to make out by the average American.

I know this is the moment you have been waiting for . . .  the list of sites:

People Per Hour
Upwork (formerly elance)
Gigs On Craigslist

Some others I have listed below are actually places to apply for contract work, but being a contractor is technically clientele work. Therefore, you want to propose like you are applying for a job sending a portfolio, resume, cover letter and similar that you would apply for a job, just expect to have all the advantages of being self-employed, unless you work on behalf of a company in which you are employed. Some companies seeking contractors do not like it to be a company so, I advise you do not necessarily put your company signature at the bottom of the email.  Instead, put a personal signature like you are an individual applying for work. It is important to eventually reveal that you are a company, unless you are not, or you are a one-person entity where there still would not be other people involved in the work.

Here is the next moment you have been waiting for . . .  the list of job site:

Hire My Mom
Craigslist- under jobs select contract

If you want to learn more tips, or get an ad placed on our website, contact us at, check out our business consulting and tutoring, or call us to inquire about our services ranging from marketing to teaching you to do the work. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

best tutors in Katy

With the downfall in the public educational system removing vital skills from the curriculum, it has become a norm, and maybe even necessary to get private tutoring for children. A prime example being cursive writing. Sometime in the last ten years it was removed and continues to no longer be taught in public school. Millennial that have already started their careers after college was one of, if not the first, generations to not learn how to write in cursive. What is the big deal? That means they do not have a signature and cannot buy or rent a place to live. Mom and Dad will still have to back them up by signing the legal documents. This will affect the ability to land jobs, especially those that require signing a contract.

That is where we come in to play. We provide a customized lesson plan for each student and are teaching students of all ages these vital skills. Though the skills are no longer taught in public schools, does not mean your child does not need them. Parents and educators alike need to work together to make sure our children of today receive the best education by learning all vital skills in both the standard school and professional training at universities and community colleges.

Leave us comments on some things you would like your child to learn, or any other skills you find missing in the school system. We have 15+ years of experience in providing educational needs, including the missing pieces. If you do not like to leave comments, reach us 346-800-1912 or If you are curious or could benefit from knowing more about what is going on in the public education system, visit our bookstore and get your copy of Secret To Success: The Evolution of Public Education and the Workforce

Thursday, November 1, 2018

How do I Know God is Real?

Have you questioned God's existence? Do you wonder why bad things happen to you if there really is a God? Have people tried to push the Bible in your face and make you wonder what kind of God would be that way?

There is a real catch to all your questions. All the things you face, you can do with faith in Jesus Christ. He died on the cross with the feel of nails sliding upward on the palms of his hands while trying to push himself up to stop the paid with nails moving through his feet. He was stabbed many times with spikes on a ball used to hit him. He did not fight the paid or people abusing him. This is love. He died for us all as we can never go through what he did. We sin every day not knowing how, many times. Jesus went through this pain so you would not. If he did not give his life for us, we would be hanging on the cross ourselves.

So you ask if he loves us so much, why do bad things happen to us? The answer? Either you are off track with the will he has for your life, you have weak faith, or you never accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior. Okay, so what if you did accept him and you still face hardships? He puts us through hard times when we turn away from what he wants us to do, how to serve him, and his will for us. We were created with each of us having a purpose. The purpose and his will for your life tend to be things you think you cannot do. David was small and weak. He "knew" he could not kill a giant that was very muscular, ten times stronger than he. How did he kill Goliath?

It was not David himself, it was Jesus Christ using him as a channel by making the people least capable of doing things do the impossible. You and others doing what you "know" you cannot is his way of proving his love and existence. I am a motivational speaker with Social Anxiety. I have a condition that causes fear of just being with other people, yet he has me work with the public as a business owner doing clientele work, and do speeches to motivate others to not let any condition stop them from striving for their dreams. I am only able to make these speeches by the power of God within me as science says I cannot do it. Jesus is above science, he is the creator of it. Being above science, he can bend and fold the laws to contradict the proven consistent results of some action to not be the results. He did such in many instances of my life which I have gone in more detail with the answers to many of these questions in my book "How do I know God is Real?" 

Find your answers by getting a copy on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Kindle and Nook versions available. Kindle version and Paper version you can buy now. As of November 8th, Nook version will be available. Follow us on our blog and sign up for email list on to receive notifications of latest releases.