Thursday, August 29, 2019

Abuse By Clinic Staff Needs to Be Addressed

If you have not been following me on social media, reading my books, or receiving services of some sort from me, you probably are not aware that I am a high function autistic with 9 disabilities. I have to seen dozens of doctors all the time from my 9 disabilities, and, of course, the regular stuff everyone needs to see a doctor about, at least occasionally,

I have tried a long list, too long to count, of doctors for each kind of doctor I need. I have ones like UT Physicians in the greater Houston, Texas area that are thought to be so great and supposedly why they are so large of a clinic. I have tried different doctors at different locations. I did the same with Kelsey-Seybold trying different locations over the years. I was here when Kelsey-Seybold was a whole in the wall. No one I knew liked them back then so it is a wonder how they got so big.

Even in these largest, thought to be best, clinics, I have faced patient abuse by the clinic staff. I have been told by office managers, like the one of UT Physician Cinco Ranch, that conversations I had on other calls that took place at another building where the manager would not hear it, tell me things said were not said. I have asked how they knew, and each time it is that they know their staff. I have been told in other ways, and cases that things I saw, like a representative at Medical Colleages of Texas in Katy, that the representative did not have pink hair on the same day I saw it. That manager said "I do not know what you think you are seeing, but no one on my staff have pink hair." I told him go to the front and look for himself. He said "I don't have to. I know my staff would never have pink hair."

Ranging from being told things I heard were not said by people who were not even there to know, to people saying I did not see what I saw who were there to see it for themselves, I have had years' loads of patient abuse. It is verbal abuse, by office staff, not the actual doctor.

I reported this to the Texas Medical Board who said they can only take action when it is the doctor. I told the Texas Health and Human Services, who said they can only help with it is a state or other government funded facility. I contacted The Justice System via the website, and the F.B.I. that all say they cannot do anything about it. Finally, one state representative tells me there is no law protecting patients from patient abuse by office staff or others in the clinic of private healthcare services.

I found out from another person in the government, that there is not an agency in the United States that protects patients from verbal or other abuse by office staff of private healthcare services. 
Looking on the internet, I continued to question why large clinics have so many 1 star or 2 star reviews happen to be the largest ones. Well, here is your answer. They cannot be punished. We are not protected against the office staff abusing us, in my case, verbally. 

If you do not see how being accused of people not saying what they did or something I saw being different than I saw it, the abuse is against mentally ill. Hallucinations is the seeing or hearing of things that are not there. I do not have it, but do have mental health conditions. With the staff knowing it, as they need for billing, they know it is a form of abuse and taking advantage of the mentally ill.

Help me. Send emails, letters or other ways of contact to let your politician know we are not protected and need protection not just from the doctor but the staff under him/her as well. Not being done by the doctor does not mean it is not abuse. In my case, political party does not matter. Which ever you are, you still deserve safe, professional and respectful treatment from all people in the clinic, not just the doctor. All PARTIES OF ALL AMERICANS NEED TO SPEAK UP AND EQUALLY DESERVE SAFE HEALTHCARE FROM ALL STAFF OF ALL HEALTHCARE FACILITIES/CLINICS/REHAB, ALL KINDS.