Friday, September 28, 2018

What can I eat that does not have Egg, Gluten, Soy or Dairy?

Allergies and intolerance of a wide variety of commonly used ingredients of food have become more of a norm as more and more people are finding out these ingredients are responsible for gastronomical conditions. Some people think we are being too picky by wanting to eliminate certain items as those without these kinds of reactions do not understand the possibly serious, or at least humiliating reactions we get.

Some people are getting gas/flatulence, constipation, rashes and other reactions that are either serious or just unwanted systems in response. If you are allergic to these items you will have serious reactions and need to see a doctor, and/or maybe go to the emergency room based on the type of reaction. However, if you have an intolerance, you can react with constipation, or diarrhea, gas/flatulence, or other not so serious, but definitely humiliating effects. Know that these are not the only allergens or intolerance ingredients for many. Others have sensitivities to Nuts and a few others.

As one of the many with humiliating reactions to these ingratiates, I have done research, and store hunting to find options of food both delicious and within my restriction. Some brands make stuff just for us with Egg, Gluten, Soy and Dairy Sensitivities. I have listed below some of my favorites that make all the products free of these ingredients.

Vega - All in One Nutritional Shakes, Vega One Bars, Yogurt, Vega Sports Bars, Vega protein bars, and almost anything else under the sun they make. All of Vega products are Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, and Soy Free. They have a long list of maybe 25 vitamins and minerals that make even the "candy" bars healthy. For those who love chocolate, I recommend the Vega One Chocolate Caramel Bars.

Daiya- Cheeses, Pies, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings, and many other type products are all low in fat compared to old fashion of the same product, are Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, and Soy Free.

Ian- Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Tenders, Fish Sticks, and other meats are all made Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, and Soy Free. They make our old favorites like chicken nuggets with breading so it will taste like delicious fried food we all love, but be on the diet within our restrictions. I love making buffalo nuggets from the chicken nuggets and Frank's Red Hot Sauce. If the hot sauce is too hot, melt a little bit of butter in it, adding more, until it is at the spicy level in which you can handle.

So Delicious- Well, the name gives it away. It is So Delicious food that includes Yogurt, Ice Cream, and other "dairy" products that are made Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy Free, and Egg Free. I love the ice cream as they come in many favorite flavors like chocolate, rocky road, vanilla and many more. So Delicious does not make them as nutritious as Vega does, but the taste is a perk.

These are not the only brands that make food free of the four allergens but are my favorite when it comes to being delicious and nutritious. If you are located in Texas, H.E.B. in the higher income areas tend to have many of the brands above, but not as much as Sprouts, or Whole Foods. There are some things one of the three stores carry, but not the others. I like shopping at all three of the stores to get all the items made by So Delicious, Vega, Vega One, Ian, and Daiya. By going to H.E.B., Whole Foods, and Sprouts, I have found all products, as far as I know, made by them. Some stores will have products the others do not but together they seem to carry almost all products under the sun that is free of the allergens. If you want to lose weight while staying free of these allergens, Vega is the best choice. They have meal replacement shakes that you buy as powder, and mix in hot drinks like milk or coffee to feel full while only getting 170 Calories. I like to combine it with Oh Yeah! Shakes that have 26 Vitamins and Minerals, high protein and only 200 Calories. When you consider the number of nutrients with the number of calories, these are the healthiest choices as far as I know. Most meals have at least 500 Calories, even cooked at home. You really cannot beat this.

Other things you can try are by "LivFit" brand that makes superfood shakes which tastes like green tea. If you add it to green tea, it will only taste better and not have the "healthy" taste. Another is "Lean and Fit" brand of all in one nutritious shakes, which I love the vanilla, that has fat-burning ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, and is filling.

By consuming these products, I have lost 160 Lbs, while sticking to my limited menu. I lost the most weight, 5 lbs a week, when I stayed on a vegetarian diet that eliminates all protein containing food like beans, meat, fish, and so forth. You will get your daily protein intake in the Oh Yeah! Shakes, and/or Vega Shakes so it is no need to worry. There are tons more calories in meats, and other protein containing food than in vegetables, fruit and other non-meat items.

I also limited my carbohydrate intake when on the vegetarian diet as going vegetarian makes eating more carbs a bigger temptation. Like any other diet that works when trying to loose weight, you will need to stay free of sugar other than the natural sugar in fruit. I wish you luck in your weight loss goal, and hope you enjoy these tasty, allergy free foods. Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 14, 2018

What has happen to public education?

Quality education has been a problem for a while. When my generation was growing up, we believed to have high-quality education in the higher income areas, but poor education in the lower-income areas of town. In some cases, it may be a nationwide problem.

Over time it has become a bigger problem as tutoring is now required to be provided for free to Title I schools out of an effort to improve the child's chance of equal success. The problem now is that the government is going cheap on all programs to such as degree that even the tutoring or other "Free" additional programs are lower quality than the standard in-class learning.

I own a tutoring company that the State of Texas is only willing to pay $20 an hour expecting us to be able to make a decent profit the find it worthwhile. The reality is, in order to profit, we would have to provide tutors that are only high school graduates with a very minimal amount of experience. This is what the education industry has come to consider the norm. The state does this to give equal chance but is it not when the tutors and other additional outside of the classroom programs are underpaid.

What is a bigger problem in the education industry is the removal of basic life skills needed to be successful as an adult in personal life, not just on the job. One extreme example is writing in cursive.

How are our children supposed to be able to sign terms and conditions without knowing how to write in cursive. Think about it, what more is our signature than our name written in cursive? The millennials were not taught cursive but are now the age to be out of college, or close to it, shopping for housing, cars and other assets in their own names. Unless a signature becomes defined as a drawing since art has not been removed, the education is setting up our children for failure, and possibly being homeless without a chance in life.

Below I have made a video on this topic and I am in the process of writing research with more details, and prime examples. Please watch, follow my YouTube Channel and continue to read my blog to help us make a difference. Our children are important parts of our lives and we as parents want to stand for them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Where can I find legitimate work from home jobs?

In case you did not see it, I wrote on here yesterday about the difficulty of finding legitimate work from home professional jobs. As I mentioned is being very difficult for professionals with high skills, I did some research to find a few job boards or places to gain clientele for "freelance" work. Most of the jobs are contract employment, but one website has more of the higher executive or management level with good pay for the type role.

If you want to work for a small business or other smaller employers, check out It is directed towards stay home mothers, but you do not have to be a mom to create an account and apply to the jobs. I have found Accounting Jobs, Management Jobs, Administrative Assistant, or Secretary work, and much more. Not very many know about Hire My Mom so it is quick and relatively easy to land a job.

The higher up roles, in terms of executive or management, with medium to large size businesses, are more available on The jobs on it tend to pay more and require higher skills in your field.

If you want to get the latest news on new jobs, including what may not have been around for long type roles, check out Penny Hoarder I personally, have found small gigs, list of work from home employers, clientele type work, and even passive income methods of earning.

I advise not using CraigsList as it is known for scams being posted. There are work from home jobs on it, including legitimate, as I have hired from there, but many are scams. Most scams have certain things in it or missing from the job description. One red flag is it to say how much you can make, not what you will make. Usually, it involves calling a phone number that will tell you more about the job, for a live person to call later. They typically are also the quick easy to get jobs that are from "employers" who are desperate. Though you can find legitimate jobs in general, there is a bigger risk when using Craig's List . If you read a job post that seems too good to be true like making $10,000 a month with only a high school diploma, it is either sales, other commission-based, or a scam. Any time a job says it does not require a list of credentials, it is 99% of the time a scam.

If you like to perform digital marketing (internet marketing), I have a company that pays you a percentage of sales from leads you bring. This type of work is known as "Affiliate" work. Visit my website if you would like to be an affiliate marketer for my company. Katy TutorsBooks and More By Jennifer A Whitaker, or email me at I have books, tutoring services, business consulting and other professional services (and products), that most businesses and/or educational institutes require. They are high demand items/services.

You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay up to date on my findings which I make in videos. Go to to sign up.

If you lack a skill or two that is in the way, I tutor in subjects like English as a Second Language, Math, writing, Spanish and much more which I will be able to do to help you gain the "missing piece" in your credentials.

Another source of Affiliate Marketing is Roku. Click on Roku Affiliate Marketing Link Here to sign up for Affiliate Marketing for one of thousands of large businesses that all pay a certain percentage of the sales you generate.

Freelance work is basically clientele work you can do without having to be a business. You will have to file your taxes, and pay employer end of taxes as a business owner. However, there are leads on these websites so you will not have the marketing expenses necessary in running a small business. Pleases to check out include:
Thumb Tack

If these are not the best for you and/or what you are seeking, please reply on my blog with questions, ideas, or other ways I can be of assistance. There are many options that I can list. I will promise you one thing. In all the websites I referenced, there are more than just marketing/sales or other commission based work.

Visit My website to See if there is a way I can be of an asset to you.
Katy Tutors You may also subscribe to my YouTube Account, or my FaceBook friends/likes to see new opportunities, creative business ideas, and much more information  I hold. Katy Tutors FaceBook, or Jennifer A Whitaker Tutoring

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How can I make professional income from home?

Now days, there still appear to be work from home jobs  that are not legitimate. There are more now than before making  it hard to find those that are real jobs. What is worse, more of them than not, even legitimate, say they make more than they really do. At the same time, most are not professional level work.

This makes it harder for those that are probably the hardest workers to get a work from home job without the risk of being ripped off by a false promise, especially when it is a small business offering the role.

With this being a common struggle or hurdle to a lot of Americans, I am going to be posting some videos on here, and consulting professionals with creative ideas of everything  from founding a business, to creating a new industry. I will also be advising other  professionals on new trending jobs. I will admit, majority of legitimate work from home jobs are contract or self-employment.

Those that  are working for another business are typically with businesses that are on a tighter budget which means no benefits many of the times. Below you will found a few examples in a play list which I will be adding more videos. These are not the limited options but examples.

I have conditions that disable me from doing certain type work, including continuing to run a business that was my baby, but I know the void in the market needs to be served. I am eager  to help you find a way to make a decent, professional level income in the ways I know untapped.

If watching any videos gives you the courage, put your creativity to work. If you have a "weird" idea, it may be one of the "missing pieces" in the economy. If not, comment on here with questions, ideas, or any other way I can be of assistance.

To protect the idea and give you a chance to get a trademark, I am glad to share details or other factors via phone, video chat or any other "private" channel.

Monday, September 10, 2018

What Happen to Toys R Us?

I have been following the trend in business. I have seen many things go wrong in upper management. We tend to believe owners of large businesses like Toy's R Us that have been around for ages are rich. In the last ten years from the Financial Crisis, and the Great Recession that followed, more large businesses have taken on loads of debt to try and survive the hard times.

Most of us have thought they "have plenty of money" when it is on the news that large companies are financially struggling. The reality is they are still reporting beautiful net income monthly and annually due to high levels of debt, not following changes in demand according to customer behavior, and other vital parts to remain "successful, not just survive."

Toy's R Us was owned by one single man. Many of us would have thought it to be a corporation, but it was not. He owned all the location around the United States. With relations with some people on the inside, I have found out that they were one of the many that did not make changes causing a loss of business. As more stores like Wal-Mart starting carrying toys, and almost all of the same toys, there began to be too much competition with the high prices Toys R Us continued to charge. They missed out on changing prices to be more competitive, or bring on more products, and other things that should have been done to keep them "the place to go for toys."

The owner was in debt in payroll, business bills, personal bills, and much more filing bankruptcy at the beginning of Summer 2018. He filed bankruptcy on a claim of $50,000,000 Debt. The loss, inability to clear out the toys, and stress all together of the situation killed the owner, literally, to be on the death bed that same day. The place ended up shutting down totally before clearing out all the toys due to the passing of the owner.

I have consulted many business professionals in different roles in business, to make better decisions. These stories are back up for why I always encourage constant changes to occur that are ways of improving business, and demand. To stay the old schooled way is asking for business failure.

I have followed business news only to see this same type of situation happen to many restaurants, retail, and service-based businesses that are large one thought to be rich since then.

If you are a business owner, decision-maker, future owner, or any other role in which you want to make better decisions to not let the next to be you, send me your questions here on the blog. If you need lots of questions addressed, contact me via phone at 346-800-1912 for in-person Business Consulting.