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What do I have to Gain?

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First 1000 shares First 1000 likes First 10000 subscribers to YouTube Channel

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Learn How to Start a Successful Business. It's Not As Hard as You Think

When considering opening a business, there are many "fairy tales" behind life as an entrepreneurs you need to be aware. I have seen many go into business losing homes, thinking they would have more family time when instead there ended up divorce, and much more. What those who have never owned business have to say, almost always is the opposite of the truth. I have owned Ace My Course tutoring service for many years now, and know first hand which and how many really are made up idealistic world tales.

If you have determined it is right for you to open a business, there are lots more legal hurdles than most are aware. Everything from the type of business, equipment required, amenities, type of facility or if even should have a facility can all be small things to you, but end up putting you behind bars.

Another common mistake are finances. Lots of people "pretty up" the financial projections knowing that it, other than your credentials and credit, weighs the heaviest in getting approved for a startup loan. However, the very belief that you have to or should get a loan to start a company is bogus. Most businesses that end up successful were started using cash from the pock of the owner rather it was out of the 401K, savings account, CD, or the owner worked for another company while starting it up funding out of pocket.

It is known that x>90% of businesses that startup fails in the first year. The owners have destroyed credit with lots of debt from the business which more often than not, goes back to the financials being made to appear better than the reality of the first year in business for that industry.

There are common mistakes on research or even the importance of researching because "oh I already know everything there is to know about . . . " Just because someone has worked in an industry does not come even close to knowing it from the entrepreneurial perspective which is the view you need to see in order to open the right business, right time, at the right place.

In order to assist with these common errors, reasons for failure, problems, obstacles and other hurdles in opening a successful business, I have made a course that takes you through the full process from determining if it is right, to the finalizing to present to the banker, if a loan is deemed right. I also provide live in-person in Houston Area, and Katy, TX Business Consulting and tutoring on starting a company. Watch my course, and contact me with any questions you may have. I promise you the $29.99 a course will save you hundreds compared to the average business consultant charging $250 an hour. If you do not believe me, try one hour with a business consultant or just simply ask their rate and come back to watch my course when you realize I am right. 

Multiple Step Videos To Walk You Through The Process

I have designed this specifically to those who are short on cash, want to open a business and do not want to pay hundreds of dollars to make sure it will be a successful company. Of course, I am talking about all business owner dreamers as none of us plan to fail. I have made this course for all future entrepreneurs realistically speaking so even if you feel certain of it, you can make sure you are doing things right, looking at all points, and going the legal way in which to know it will be a success. I could even make a 3-5 hour course on why most businesses fail. There is a long list of reasons and it is surprising to many how lots go back to being too stubborn to change with the evolving, ever-changing market in which we all serve. That said, so you will be successful, watch my course, and contact me with any questions Please be kind enough to subscribe on my YouTube where you will find previews of new courses, tutorials, specials and all other exciting stuff we got happening at Ace My Course in Katy, TX.

Jennifer Whitaker
Katy, TX 77450

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Struggling with Homework? What is Your Question? We Teach.

Thank you for reading our blog. I hope you have been finding it useful. We, Ace My Course tutoring have made a new thing as "forum style tutoring." In this, you can subscribe and send us your questions in a forum post, then we can reply/comment with answers/explanations.. If it is something our tutors cannot answer, other students/customers will be able to answer as well.

We will have lots more than just academic topics. We will be providing business advice, helping with accounting related questions, giving marketing tips, test-taking tips and many other topics in which many tend to struggle. This is a place to go when you do not really need tutoring because you have one or two questions so there is no need for an hour or more.

If this is your scenario, our forum is the perfect place. In our many years of tutoring and doing business with other organizations, we have found many that were in these situations which seemed like a "catch 22" when a teacher could not answer. 

Our goal is to make tutoring affordable to as many Americans of all kinds and incomes. We strive to give everyone an equal shot at success. We have online classes, courses we made, books and many other "school supplies" that can be alternatives to a more lengthy lesson when in-person is impossible or not affordable. 

Our group online classes are design for those who are on tighter budgets and need more regular help that is more than a question or two. However, if our live tutoring is still too much, send us your request for what type of course to make, and we will gladly send it to you. 

Subscribe to our blog to get notifications of our new and latest updates, and educational posts. Subscribe to our YouTube to see videos on the latest books, courses, subjects, and program we make. Our YouTube is only one other way to tell us what you think, if we are not catering, then what you need or want. 

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